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It's an event
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School - School Calendar
School-School Calendar
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    Opening Ceremony || Shining Stars on SHBS
    The grand opening ceremony began with two students singing while playing guitar by themselves. They were followed by different groups of students stepping onto the stage holding various signs in their hands, such as “the Most Competitive Homeroom”, “the Strongest Homeroom”, etc.
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    EnterShanghai Hongrun Boyuan school
    Walk into Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School
    vision:Create a century of education with the spirit of a century of Architecture
    mission:Cultivate the world people with Chinese feelings and the Chinese people with world mind
    sense of worth:Dignity honor respect integrity

    Covering an area of 64 mu (more than 42000 square meters), the campus is located beside Zhujiajiao, a millennium old town in the west of Shanghai, on the Bank of Dadan lake, across the lake from Daguanyuan scenic spot, only a few kilometers away from Dianshan Lake scenic spot. Embracing the nature of the campus, built in accordance with the water, beautiful scenery, advanced equipment, convenient transportation. The school's facilities have been carefully built to provide specialized classrooms for physics, chemistry, biology, music, fine arts, computer and other disciplines; special education and extracurricular activities classrooms for handicrafts, ceramics, woodworking, robotics, cooking, martial arts, piano room, Chinese calligraphy; indoor and outdoor basketball courts, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, gymnasiums and other sports and fitness venues; Libraries, media centers, theatres and other places for learning and entertainment activities.

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    Certification andcooperation
    Accreditations Collaborations
    ACT ?Authorized Internal Test Center
    ACT GAC (Approved Teaching) School
    EG3 Basketball Academy Elite Program
    CEEB: 210948
    Exclusive Authorization in Shanghai by GIA
    Love Tennis